Five easy steps to having great WiFi throughout your home.


Step 1 is to book our WiFi Optimise Package. We will visit your property and discuss your WiFi issues and your connectivity needs.   


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We'll test connection speeds and coverage in all key areas of your house where you need to connect.


We'll optimise your current setup in terms of placement, hardware and software configuration and resolve any conflicts with your neighbour’s WiFi.




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If that doesn’t completely resolve your issue (Example: you may live in a large or an older property with thick walls), we can advise you on how one of our WiFi Enhance Packages could give you more robust WiFi coverage. 

You may also want to consider a dedicated WiFi point for business and working from home. That way you can ensure connectivity to New York whilst others enjoy a movie!


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If you choose one of our WiFi Enhance Packages options we provide professional business grade equipment, not unreliable WiFi extenders or boosters.


Sort My WiFi will carry out a professional install and provide ongoing support.


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No WiFi Extenders Guarantee!